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Competitve work

Entering a competition can be great fun and sometimes very rewarding, look out for schedules on the media table. When you are setting up/staging your exhibit, the atmosphere is amazing. You can make great friends, swap trends, techniques, plant materials and have a great time. However, when you receive the schedule, always research the title, consult the NAFAS competitions manual rule book and have a mock up in the garage or wherever. It need not cost a lot, sometimes only the entry fee (perhaps as little as 50p), however sometimes lots more, it's your interpretation, design it for your budget. If you are working on the flower clubs behalf always get to know the flower allowance up front. The main thing is you're entering a show, relax, have fun and good luck.
Friday 5th May 2017 was:

National Flower Arranging Day/The Lonely Bouquet

www.nafas.org.ukhtFollowing on from the phenomenal success of the Lonely Bouquet campaign, NAFAS members once again left posies of friendship the length and breadth of the country on National Flower Arranging Day, Friday 5 May 2017.The ‘Lonely Bouquet’ is a kind of goodwill gesture that involves leaving a bouquet in a public place to be picked up by an unsuspecting passerby. The motivation behind this anonymous act of kindness is simply to bring a smile to someone’s face There's no better way to say it than with flowers.  Flowers evoke joy and happiness, Please don't forget to attach a gift card as below availabe from




Huddersfield Flower Club presents




starring Herman and Gloria Twig





Sheila Drybrough



Joyce Hearnshaw



Hilary Gee

Eileen Hinchliffe



Arthur and Jackie Haigh



Janine Castello


A NAFAS North East Area Production


A flower arranger's life is never dull....  
Not only do you get to work with such wonderful materials but you also get the chance to participate in many fun events.  Huddersfield Flower Club was asked to represent the North East Area of NAFAS at Penistone Show, producing a 6ft x 6ft central area design of our choice. 

Wow!  Say that to a flower arranger and there is no holding us.  As Show Secretary it was up to me to come up with some initial design concepts and, as my fellow arrangers will tell you, I am never short of ideas.  Putting these into some sort of reality, however, is something else!  Fortunately the rest of the team, Sheila Drybrough, Eileen Hinchliffe, Hilary Gee and Janine Castello, keep me grounded.  That driftwood looks like a dancing leg, those fallen fatsia leaves lying about in the  garden become the frills on a twig skirt, seed heads are dangling earnings and grass fronds a moustache. Hence the arrival of Gloria and Herman Twig, stars of our recently executed staging of Strictly

How to showcase them to best advantage? Jackie Haigh and her husband Arthur came up with a folding stage and, with many leaves and glue, a glitter ball was formed in Sheila's shed. Eileen, Hilary and Janine put their skills to good use with 6ft long low arrangements to surround the stage.  Lots of laughs as we brought the exhibit to life but with a great like-minded team what can go wrong?  What I did not factor into the equation were the weather conditions, typical Pennines, but we did manage to stop the wind blowing away some of the exhibit, and the rain and mud did not deter visitors in welly boots, so it was all worthwhile. 
Please see
Gallery 4 for photographs

Joyce Hearnshaw

Members of Huddersfield Flower Club leave bouquets to the general public.

Small bouquets  were left in open spaces throughout Huddersfield to promote the love of flowers and friendship through NAFAS clubs.
Approximately one hour after leaving a bouquet near a well walked path  in Fixby Joyce Hearnshaw was contacted by a member of the public who was thrilled to have found it on her way to pick up her Granddaughter.  This Lady who stated that she would like to join a club but is nervous about now knowing anyone has now been reassured of a warm welcome and we hope to see her at the June meeting. Please see photographs on Gallery 4

Please see photographs on Gallery 4

The club's annual trip to Jackie Iddons Garden is thoroughly recommended



  "The commitee highly recommend this to other groups as a wonderful day out where they were treated to a tour of the gardens,

lunch and a flower demonstration."

See photos  Gallery 4 


The Harrogate Experience
 written by the chairman 
Mrs Eileen Hinchliffe 

We’ve been asked to take part in the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. Can we do an exhibit about Alfred Wainwright as part of the overall title “Northern Writers”?




We of course said yes and then went away to discover everything we could about our subject. It proved a lovely excuse to meet at each other’s homes and over tea, coffee, lunch and cake we began to pool ideas and eventually an idea took shape and we decided that we would make” A W “as we began to call him sitting on a rock smoking his pipe by a waterfall.

We split into two groups and one group went away to create A W with a book, pipe, spectacles and shoes dressed in trousers, jacket sweater and shoes and socks.

The second group were challenged to create a rock tall enough to have a waterfall descending into a pool beside A W.

Papier Mache work, glycerining, crafting with dried materials, spray paint effects and hairdressing! These were all skills developed over the next weeks .Hessian sacks were dismantled ironed and stuck together to cover the base and various cones, larch twigs and ferns were sourced to create a natural setting.

We were thrilled when a club member made a generous donation to the flower fund in celebration of her special Birthday.

Finally a few days before the show the flowers were purchased and conditioned ready for travelling to Harrogate. A W was firmly strapped into his seatbelt and the completed rock was fitted (with difficulty) into the largest car available.

Staging day dawned and the team met at the show ground and put everything together for the first time. Several   hours later all was complete and we were able to stand back and admire our efforts.

It was so rewarding over the course of the show to accept the praise of visitors and to watch as they took photos and commented on all our hard work.

Would we do it again? YES DEFINETLY.

Photographs see  Gallery 2 - Harrogate 2012










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        North East Area of Nafas

Where do we meet?


Methodist Misson 
1-13 Lord Street Huddersfield


Via stairs or lift to the first floor hall.

** Suitable for those persons of limited disability **

When do we meet?

The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month (except July)

Demonstrations start at 2pm. Refreshments available from 1.30pm (chance for a coffee and a natter).

What Price Enjoyment?

membership fee: £50.00
+ a one off joining fee £5

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How Do I Get There?

The town centre location is easy accessible by bus, train or car.  Parking in nearby Kingsgate or Brook Street carparks, also there is  local street parking.
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 Flying The Flag

Mrs Sheila Drybrough

Mrs Lynn Nutton

Vice Chairman 
Mrs Joyce Hearnshaw

Club Secretary
Mrs Doreen Crowther

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Mrs Jackie Haigh


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