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Anemones need lots of water so they are better in a vase than floral foam like many spring flowers. Spring flowers prefer cold water to tepid.

To open tight buds of lilies place near a bunch of bananas.

Remove all unopened side buds on Carnations to facilitate the opening of the ones showing colour.

Calla lilies prefer just a few centimetres of water in their vase.

Daffodils emit a sap that is poisonous to other flowers, cut stems and stand in water for 24 hours, wipe stem ends but do not recut before mixing with other flowers. Use kebab skewers up daffodil stems before placing in floral foam.

Euphorbia sap is an irritant so always wash hands immediately after cutting. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Freesias will only open properly if the main bud is showing colour.  Remove the smallest buds to promote maximum flowering.

Gerberas Have very fine hairs on the stem  which carry the water to the flower, too much water drowns the hairs and causes the stem to rot.  Add a drop of bleach to condition and also in the vase to extend life.

Hellebores  only last well as a cut flower if they are picked once the stamens have died away and the seed pods have formed.

Hydrangea are very thirsty and will take up water through the heads as well as the stems. When conditioning immerse the head underwater for about an hour.

Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) Always use a sharp knife and not scissors to cut .  Wrap sticky tape around the base of the stem to prevent it splitting and curling.

Peonies flower buds secrete a sweet substance. To open tight blooms dip the head in warm water for around 5 mins to release the sticky sap

Phormium leaves cut the stem ends to the shape of a T to help insertion into floral foam easier.

Roses like being regularly sprayed with a mister. To revive wilting Roses cut the stem end under water and leave the whole stem up to the flower head to soak for a few hours.

Give leaves nibbled at by vine weevils etc: a trim with scissors to smooth out the edge.

Use anchor tape to secure hand ties when using soft stems to avoid damage.

The stamen of the Lilly is poisionous to cats

When arranging Amaryryllis in a glass vase, place a garden cane up the stem, the same length.  It is normal for the flower part to last longer than the stem and this action helps to suuport, thus pronlonging the life of the flowers.

Having purchased some of these lovely flowers last Eileen Hinchliffe

last week and then looking at the web site, I realised that I know another tip to prolong their life. This works especially well if they are to go in a vase. Put a green garden cane up their stem that is the same length as the stem, it is normal for the flowers to keep much longer than the stem and this keeps them upright!

Eileen Hinchliffe


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